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Get Involved with GLAM!

For a program like GLAM to be successful, we know that strong leadership from our industry is critical. Manufacture Alabama is looking to assemble a team of volunteers to guide and support GLAM’s activities.

GLAM is always free to the students participating. Check out our upcoming events to get involved.


Student Information

Do you love making things? Do you enjoy having fun with friends and meeting interesting people? GLAM may be for you. GLAM is an activity and mentorship event that will allow you to meet and interact with women who are enjoying successful careers in the manufacturing industry, while also participating in activities that relate to the work done in a manufacturing facility.

Volunteer Information

GLAM understands the importance of promoting a diverse workforce, and more specifically, growing the pipeline of women joining the manufacturing workforce to for a sustainable future. In order to achieve our goals of encouraging more women to pursue a career in manufacturing, we believe that representation is key.

GLAM is intended to be an engaging and hands on program that offers female students an opportunity to meaningfully connect with women who work in various sectors of the manufacturing industry, as well as to actively engage in hands on activities designed to deepen the understanding of the types of job opportunities that exist for them in manufacturing.